4 Ways A Bail Bond Agency Can Protect Your Privacy

If you have been arrested, you may want to do all that you can to keep that information private, especially if that information could harm your professional or personal life. Many bail bond companies understand the need to keep this type of information private and will make an effort to be discreet with meeting your needs. Here's how.

1. Meet in a Public Location

When you walk into a bail bond company, you are declaring that you need their help in some way. For example, maybe you are going to co-sign on bail for someone or perhaps you have a warrant out for your arrest and you want to arrange bail assistance before turning yourself in.

If you need assistance from a bail company, but you don't want to be seen walking through their doors, you can see if they will meet you somewhere else. Many bail bond companies are happy to send an agent to meet you somewhere public, like a library or a coffee shop, to talk about and arrange for bail.

2. Offer Contracts With Exclusivity

Second, many bail bond companies will sign contractors that make your agreement and communications exclusive. With an exclusive agreement, that means that the bond company will only communicate about your bail with people that you have listed on the agreement, such as yourself, a co-signer, and your attorney. 

If your spouse or employer or someone else calls the bail agency to ask about your bail or to inquire if you were indeed arrested, the bail company will not answer any of their questions or even imply that they know who you are or have a relationship with you. An exclusive agreement will help keep your bail as private as possible.

3. Accept Collect Calls

You may not want to make a phone call to a bail agency from your cell phone, where the call can be traced to you and to the bail agency if you are trying to maintain your privacy. Bail bond agencies will accept collect calls that come directly from prison.

They will also accept collect calls from other sources as well. For example, if you can find a payphone that is still working, you can place a collect call from the payphone to the bond agency. If you make a collect call, a bail bond agency will always accept your call, as they understand that a collect call may be your only option or a means of protecting your privacy.

4. Stay Available 24 Hours a Day

Finally, bail agencies can help protect your privacy by being open twenty-four hours a day. With 24/7 availability, a bond agency can work quickly to get you out of jail, which can help to protect your privacy.

The sooner you get out, the less likely other people are to know that you were ever arrested. With 24/7 availability, if you need someone to co-sign for you, they can meet with the bail bond agent without disrupting their regular schedule and calling attention to the fact that you were arrested.

Bail bond agencies have multiple ways of keeping your interactions as private as possible. They can accept collect calls and will work 24/7 to get you out of jail quickly. They can also sign exclusivity agreements to protect your privacy and meet you outside of the office. If you need to keep what happened privately, talk to your bail agent about steps to protect your privacy.