Looking To Hire A Tax Service During The Height Of Tax Season? Three Important Questions To Ask

The holiday season is upon us and once that ends, tax season kicks off. Filing taxes on your own can be complicated. As such, you may be looking for a tax preparation service to prepare and file your taxes for you. Many people want to hire a company quickly so they can get their taxes filed, but fail to ask the right questions. If you are looking to hire a tax service, here are a few important questions you should be sure to ask. 

When Will You File My Taxes?

One of the most important questions to ask when you are looking to hire a tax service is when they plan on preparing and filing your taxes. Tax services become swamped during the busy tax season. If you are expecting money back, you may want your taxes filed immediately. However, due to the number of people that have contacted the service before you, they may not be able to prepare and file your taxes for days or weeks. Always ask this question so you know approximately how many people are ahead of you and how long it will take. 

What Information Do You Need and How Can it Be Supplied to You?

Different tax preparation services may require different pieces of information from you. Some companies may be able to prepare your taxes using your last pay stubs of the year, while other companies may want to wait for your W-9s to come in the mail. Once you have the items in hand, some companies may ask that you hand deliver it to them, while others may allow you to fax or mail it if you feel comfortable doing so. Always ask what information you need to supply and how the tax preparation company allows you to supply it to them. 

Do You Offer Help If an Audit Happens?

The last important question to ask a tax service is whether they will stand behind you if your taxes are audited. Some companies simply prepare and file your taxes. They will not answer any further questions down the road or help you with an audit. Other companies will help you with the audit process and guide you through it. No one plans on being audited, so having a company there to help can be beneficial. 

Are you looking to hire a tax preparation service to assist you with your tax preparation and filing process? Then take the time to ask the above questions. Asking these questions can help you to find the right tax service for your needs. 

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