Three Times That Posting A Court Bail Bond May Not Be A Good Idea

There are not too many people who want to spend the night in jail. What this means is if you have a loved one that has been arrested, one of the first things that they are going to do is to reach out to those they know in an effort to find someone to post bond or bail them out. Depending on their bond amount, getting them out may be as easy as paying the cash bond or finding a bail bondsman and signing the contract for the bail bondsman to do it for you. But there are times when this may not be a good idea and you may want to think twice. Here are a few of them.

When the Person Is a Flight Risk

The last person you ever want to post a bond for is someone who you know is not going to show up for their court date or someone who is going to disappear during the judicial process. This person is known as a flight risk, and them fleeing can end up costing you some serious money, and may even cost you your home, car, property, or any other collateral that you have agreed to use to secure their bond. 

This is because when you post bond and bail someone out, the fee that you pay the bail bondsman, as well as the total amount of bond they post, which you are ultimately responsible for, is at risk. If the person fails to show up for their court date, your bond is in default. In most states, the courts will impose a grace period for you or the bondsman to turn the person in and get your bond out of default status. This is a 90 day window in most states, but it can vary based on the past record of the defendant, and is at the discretion of the judge. 

When the Person Has No Vested Interest in Your Relationship

One of the first things that you must ask yourself is what type of relationship do you have with this person. Do they have a vested interest in the relationship? Will the other person feel obligated to ensure that they abide by the terms and conditions of their release if the two of you are no longer together? You never want to bail out a person that you cannot answer yes to these questions. Many times in girlfriend/boyfriend relationships, you may feel obligated to bail them out when you are in the midst of your relationship, but what will happen if you break up?

If Their Incarceration Is Related to Their Addiction

If the person that you are considering bailing out is incarcerated due to a crime they committed as a result of their addiction or to support their addiction, you may want to think twice about bailing them out. Even if they have good intentions of keeping their court date when you initially bail them out, things can happen that are related to their addiction during the time they are waiting for their court date. Just remember, a true addict can do unpredictable things to get their next fix.  

So if you are considering bailing someone out of jail, ask yourself if you are really able to lose the money that you are putting up. If the answer is yes, then contact your local bail bondsman. They will be happy to explain the process to you, as well as assist you in determining exactly what it will cost you in order to have your love one released. They will process the paperwork and make all of the necessary telephone calls. You can click here for info on bond services.