3 Things To Know Before Hiring An Agency To Host An Estate Sale For You

If your parent died and left you as the one and only beneficiary, you may end up with his or her home along with everything in it. You could go through the home and take the things you want, but what will you do with everything else? The best thing to do is hire an agency for estate sales to handle the rest. An estate sale company will sell everything in the house, and this will eliminate the need for you to determine what to do with the things. Here are several things to keep in mind when hiring an estate sale company.

Don't get rid of anything

A lot of people make the mistake of going through a house and getting rid of things before the estate sale agency arrives. While it's fine to get rid of pure garbage, you should never throw anything away that is not trash. An estate sale company is able to sell almost anything they find, even if you don't think the items are worth any money. Getting $1 for lots of small items that appear to be worth nothing can add up, and you might be throwing money away if you get rid of things you think are worthless.

Make sure you know the fees

All estate companies charge fees in different ways, but the fees charged typically cover everything. This includes setting up the sale, running it, and advertising for it. Estate companies typically charge a percentage for these services, and this percentage is based on the amount of money they collect from the sales. Because they work on a percentage, they have a huge incentive to draw in large crowds. Prices of the items will be higher when there are more people present, and this means the company will make more money if they bring large crowds of people. You will also make more money if they sell your parent's things for higher prices.

Find out how they value goods

The other important thing to talk to the company about is the methods they use for valuation. This is not so important for basic household items they sell, but it can be important for valuable things your parent owned. This could include guns from your dad's gun collection, or it could include heirloom jewelry items your mom kept in her jewelry box. Most estate companies will hire experts to value things like this, simply so they can make sure they are charging the right prices.

An estate sale is the easiest and best way to liquidate an entire household, and you can learn more about this by contacting an agency for estate sales.